One Old Georgian Musical Term (Mortuleba)

      Of the musical terms attested in Medieval Georgian written sources, special attention attaches to the term mortuleba (“harmony”).[1] It is polysemantic and occurs in various branches of Georgian literature (theological and philosophical exegetics, hagiography), as well as … Read More

Trisagion Hymn – Theological and Ritual Perspectives

Part I: Chanting Around the Throne of God An Intermedial Study of The Trisagion Hymn in the Georgian Tradition and in Cross-Cultural, Ritual Perspective   Part II: Musical Analysis of the Georgian Trisagion Part III: Trisagion Hymn – East Syrian … Read More

Pilimon Koridze

The transcription of West Georgian chant revolves around the efforts of one vital figure, Pilimon Koridze (1835-1911). Koridze was made a saint of the Georgian Orthodox Church on December 20th, 2011. In this article, we will touch on the musical … Read More