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Highlands Culture Tour Armenia & Georgia
July 17 - Aug. 2, 2015
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Tao-Klarjeti Tour A Journey into SW Georgia & NE Turkey
May, 2016
Georgian Culture Tour: East Monasteries, Vineyards, and Mountains
June, 2016.
Private ToursAvailable for booking, Summer 2016
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Georgian Culture Tour: West A discovery of ancient Colchis & Svaneti
July 1 - 12, 2015
Sakhioba Ensemble TourOctober, 2012
Zedashe Ensemble TourOctober 2007
Anchiskhati Church Choir TourOctober 2005








Colchis & Svaneti

Cultural Heritage Tour, West Georgia
July 1-12, 2015

In our tenth season, join us for an exploration of the Georgian highlands of Svaneti and Racha. New Itinerary! We promise a cultural extravaganza of tastes and sounds, all while visiting Roman and Greek sites as well as monasteries from the early centuries of Christianity in the Caucasus. Marvel at original frescoes and the acoustics of these ancient halls of worship, while delighting in the finest in local wine and cuisine...

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Highlands Culture Tour

Armenia & Georgia
July 17 - Aug. 2, 2015

Join us for an extraordinary cultural and historical journey to the high country in Armenia and Georgia. Featuring a brand new itinerary, we welcome all intrepid travelers! Tour limited to 14...

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Private Tours

Available for private tours upon request. We design exclusive itineraries based on client interests, with a focus on the historical sites of medieval Georgia (including Tao-Klarjeti), and the musical folklore of contemporary Georgia.


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