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Bagrationi Cathedral, 1003 AD

Bagrat Cathedral, 1003 AD, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ancient Quevries

Ancient wine amphoras, Alaverdi Monastery

Gelati Monastery and Academy

Gelati Monastery and Academy, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tbilisi Old Town

Old Town, Tbilisi


City of Sighnaghi

Vardzia Cave Complex

Vardzia Cave Complex, 12th century


Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, 12th century, Mtskheta, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Gergeti Monastery

13th c. Gergeti-Sameba Monastery, backgrounded by Mount Qazbegi --mythological site of Prometheus' trial

Alaverdi Monastery

12th c. Alaverdi Monastery, Telavi area

church in Gremi

16th c. Gremi castle-citadel, Telavi area

Jvari Church

6th c. Jvari church, Mtskheta, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Samtavisi Church

Samtavisi Church


Walled City: Sighnaghi

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Andy Pontius, teacher, from Minnesota, USA

The tour was very well organized, from nice places to stay to making sure we had decent toilets to use during the day. My wife and I enjoyed every minute of it. John and Luarsab really thought of the little things and made the trip as comfortable as possible.

John and Luarsab's overall knowledge of what they are doing makes this trip so memorable. Getting to these places on your own would be hard enough, but to travel there with two people that have such intimate knowledge of monasteries and overall Georgian history really makes this a trip to remember.

The entire tour was just fabulous. We hope to do another part of it again another year, as some of the locations change.

This tour is a wonderful way to intimately see Georgia! Does not matter what prior knowledge or experience you have had, there is no experience like this.

Hearing the chants in the church are simply amazing, and it is just a wonderful experience!