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To say that Sakhioba’s recent UK tour created a stir would be a gross understatement. Audiences across the country were thrilled by the ensemble’s dazzling display of ringing harmonies, virtuosic yodelling, and nifty footwork, interspersed with soulful laments and love songs that seemed momentarily to stop the universe in its tracks.
- Caroline Bithell, University of Manchester



2012 US Tour dates
Full Tour Schedule Here

Audio Visual links

  • Gideli, Grape harvest song, Imereti region Central Georgia
  • Kriste Aghdga, "Christ is Risen" Paschal Chant, different variants

Ensemble biography

The word ‘sakhioba’ means ‘sweet singing’, either with instruments or voices. The Sakhioba ensemble is committed to the revival of traditional Georgian music, paying special attention to the intonation, timbre and arrangements of the remaining masters of traditional singing.

Director Malkhaz Erkvanidze is a world authority on Georgian polyphonic music. He has spent his professional life rescuing church hymns and prayers suppressed under Soviet communism. His six books of Georgian hymns have been published with CDs and he has written many articles about the distinctive musical structure of Georgian polyphony.

Sakhioba CV (Word Doc.)


Traditional instruments

From left to right:

  1. chunir: three stringed bowed viol, unfretted, from Svaneti region. Typically played to accompany ballad songs in three-part harmony. FULL LIST OF INSTRUMENTS.

All of these instruments will be played in performance by the Sakhioba Ensemble members!


Weekend Workshop
November 16-18
Malkhaz Erkvanidze
John A. Graham
Patty Cuyler

Join us for a weekend of singing with song-master Malkhaz Erkvanidze, who will be teaching Georgian folk and instrumental music after his recent three week performance tour with the Sakhioba Ensemble. Co-faculty members include John A. Graham (Georgian sacred music and improvisation), and Patty Cuyler (American, Corsican, South African).

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