Published scores of Georgian liturgical chant


Kartuli Galoba ["Georgian Chant"]

Series editor Malkhaz Erkvanidze; English editing John Graham.

This is the series of published chant books sponsored by the Patriarchate of the Georgian Orthodox Church and disseminated to choirs within Georgia for use for all liturgical services. The series was begun in 2002, and continues today. The source materials for these scores include printed books from the 1890s, and handwritten manuscripts. These books are available for purchase on To read the introductions to these books in English, visit our academic publications page.

Volume I (2006, 2nd edition). Vespers-Matins-Liturgy of John Chrysostom, Gelati Monastery School

Volume II (2006 2nd edition). Immovable and Movable Feasts of our Lord, Gelati Monastery School

Volume III (2008). Vespers-Matins-Liturgy of John Chrysostom, Eastern School

Volume IV (2006). Lenten Triodion and Pentecostarion, Gelati Monastery School

Volume V (2008). Divine Liturgy chants, Gelati and Shemokmedi monastery schools

Volume VI (2011). Parakleses, Matrimony, Requiem service chants (Gelati Monastery school)

Volume VII (2014). Movable and Immovable Feasts, Lenten Triodion, and Pentecostarion chants, Eastern School

Volume VIII (2017). Paschal Irmoi of the Octoechos, Gelati Monastery School


Kartuli Galoba Anthology

Series editors Svimon Jangulashvili and Levan Veshapidze. English editing by John Graham.

This collection of publications is an attempt to publish all Georgian chant from all manuscripts (good copy or rough draft or incomplete). This ambitious project yielded thousands of pages of new printed scores. All volumes can be downloaded here.



Additional Chant Book Scores

Galobani: Hymns of Ilia II, Catholicos-Patriarch of All-Georgia (vocal and instrumental works for SATB, TTBB, piano-vocal). This publication includes a cappella chants as well as orchestral arrangements of the Patriarch's music. Available for purchase on Amazon.

Georgian Church Hymns (Shemokmedi School): Transcriptions of Artem Erkomaishvili Recordings (edited by David Shugliashvili). 2nd edition 2014. Available for purchase on Amazon.

Georgian Chant: Svetitskhoveli School simple style, Vol. I (2012), Folklore State Center of Georgia (series editor David Shugliashvili). Available on Amazon.

Three Neumed Kanons (Sami Nevmirebuli Kanoni), Georgian Polyphonic Chant (2013). Edited by Zaal Tsereteli. Available for purchase on Amazon.

Shen khar venakhi is a publication of all musical variants of this famous text. The book can be downloaded for free.



Original Manuscript Scores

Database of scans of various source manuscripts. Click here to go to the Folklore Centre download page (only in Georgian), or to this page where pdfs of books on Georgian music can be browsed or downloaded.


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