Karbelashvili brothers history

Karbelashvili brothers   In the nineteenth century, as Georgia was subsumed into the cultural and political arena of the expanding Russian Empire, various traditional art forms began to be forgotten amidst increasing urbanization, social upheaval, and in some cases direct … Read More

Trisagion Hymn – East Syriac and Georgian connections

Part III: East Syriac and Georgian Connections   Part I: Chanting Around the Throne of God (Theological and Ritual Perspectives) Part II: Musical Analysis of the Georgian Trisagion Hymn   We now return to inscriptions and art, which we surveyed … Read More

Georgian Easter chant – Christ is Risen!

Easter is a season for singing, and no chant is more prophetic and beloved than the short troparion, “Christ is Risen!” In the Georgian language, “Kriste aghdga!” (ქრისტე აღდგა!). For a full discussion on the musical variants of this chant, … Read More